Types of Care

Independent living, Assisted living Arizona, Group Homes, Skilled Nursing care and Memory care

Independent living communities are excellent options for many people that can be relatively independent in an apartment or cottage. They offer maintenance free living with many options to socialize with other independent seniors. There are generally many activities available and in many cases there are transportation services for those who no longer drive.

There are several different types of assisted living options to consider:

One is traditional assisted living in a larger assisted living community. In this type of community you traditionally have an apartment like setting with communal dining and larger activity options. This option is perfect for a person or couple that can still manage somewhat independently and is safe in an apartment. 

group home is an assisted living community that houses between 5-10 people and generally can provide a higher level of care than a larger assisted living community because of its size, staffing ratio, and the staff’s close proximity to all the residents at the community. Many Group homes can provide care at near skilled nursing levels in a home like atmosphere. This option is perfect for those residents that need a little more assistance or supervision. Group homes are generally less expensive then larger assisted living communities.

If you have substantial medical needs, you would need to consider either a skilled nursing facility or a specialized group home that can provide the level of medical care you need. 

Memory Care is generally broken into several different types in assisted living. Larger communities with memory care units of between 15- 20 residents, stand-alone communities with larger populations and Group homes that specialize in memory care. Each option has its merits and the best option for each client is best determined by their individual needs and financial ability to pay.

 Facility size;
 Staff qualifications;
 Fees, what is included in the monthly fee varies widely;
 Sponsorship: non-profit vs. for profit vs. religious affiliation;
 Free standing facility vs. a campus type setting;
 Experience and reputation of provider;
 Private room vs. semi-private room;
 Private bathroom vs. common bathroom;
 Provider participation in Medical Assistance;
 Ability to age in place: levels of care, potential for level of care waivers;
 Visiting hours; bedtimes; wake-up times; mealtimes.