If you are considering Glendale assisted living for your senior loved one, then you have likely planned to visit a few locations first. During your visit, you can’t just walk around without asking questions and observing what is going on.

If you have a visit planned to an assisted living facility, make sure to consider the things highlighted here.

The Smell and Sounds

Unfortunately there are some Glendale assisted living facilities that are going to fail this evaluation. When you first walk into a location pay attention to what you hear and smell. Do residents seem to be in distress or in pain? Are people who are requesting help being responded to in a timely manner? If not, you may need to keep looking for a better facility. Also, pay attention to the smell. It should not smell bad. Cleaning products and other chemical smells are normal and actually a good smell. It means the facility is being kept clean.

Try the Food

During your visit to the Glendale assisted living facility, you should also stop by the dining room and speak with the residents you encounter about their dining and try the food when possible . Do they offer a selection of foods? Are the options healthy? Does the food taste and smell good? Does the kitchen adhere to special dietary recommendations? These considerations will help ensure that the food supplied at the facility is quality and that your loved one will enjoy it.

When you are trying to pick a Glendale assisted living facility for your senior loved one, there are quite a few things that you need to consider. Being informed and knowing what to keep in mind will help ensure you choose the right facility for your loved one that they are going to love living in.

Learn more about finding a quality assisted living facility by visiting the A Caring Hand for Mom (and Dad) website and call us as we are licensed healthcare professionals and are familiar with the communities in your area and have over 30 years of experience working with seniors. We will be happy to listen to what is occurring and help you understand the options available and how they can help you care for your loved one. So call us today at 800-881-7706.