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Jill Duckett
I would highly recommend this service! Outstanding!
Anisoara Palade
Jonathan helped me when I needed help, you can count on him; he knows the right place where to guide you, for your loved one that needs placement. He is the right man for the job!?
As an assisted living homeowner with experience of 15 years, I will attest to the fact that Johnathan is one of the best placement agents. He has the credentials and experience, but most importantly, he cares about the individuals that he places. He attends the tours. The description he provides to me prior to admission regarding the care of the patient matches the patient that is admitted into to the assisted living home. He makes sure that it is a right fit for my assisted living home and the patient and patient's family. He allows me to visit the patient prior to admission to see if it is the right fit for the home. The number one priority for Johnathan is the safety and care of the patient. Thank you, Johnathan, for all you do.
Jonathan was so helpful. His knowledge of adult care is very beneficial when you need help making a decision about your parents care.
Thanks Jonathan
Irene Cole
Jonathan was wonderful to work with. He took the time to find out about my father-in-law's needs and matched him with the perfect place where he has been florising.
Julie M Frybarger
Jonathan was most kind and understanding of our situation. My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers amid other health issues.
Jonathan was available and helpful with navigating the tumultuous healthcare system. He had suggestions for more than one option...so you could research and decide. He had valuable insights on how to get the BEST care at the time given the circumstances. His knowledge and expertise were indeed welcome. Thank you Jonathan for making a challenging time a bit less stressful. NEVER any pressure... just "how can I help your loved one's situation?" Again I cannot express how much his expertise and "telephone" friendship meant at the time. Thank you.
Working with Jonathon was a very smooth and wonderful transition with the family. His caring personality shines when he is with a family.
Jonathan was very caring and compassionate when helping us make decisions about how to proceed with my father's care. He made himself available even on vacation and was knowledgable when it came to addressing things that were new and confusing for our family. I recommend him in the strongest terms. Thanks for all of your help!
Jonathan and Daniel were amazing. I was down to the wire to find a place for my husband. They went out of their way to help me and found a perfect place. He is very happy in his new surroundings! Thank.you so much!!!
Before we met you at the hospital we did not know where to start, you helped us find the perfect place for my father.
Thank you for all your help.
We struggled for so long with the decision to keep our mom at home or find an assisted living community for her. I am so glad we finally decided to find a place for her, she has made many new friends in her new home and has come to life again. This has made us so happy I can't thank you enough, we really appreciated all your help!

John and Beverly
Thank you for your help the homes we saw were all very nice. I think with your help we found the perfect one for our mom.

John and Beverly
We LOVED it!!! We felt so at home their ourselves. You were right we don't need to look any further. Thanks again.
Wow! This could have been one of the most difficult times in our lives. Your services were Basically Wonderful! You are obviously a specialist in this area and helped us in a very difficult time in our lives. We can't say enough about your professionalism and the help you provided for our family.
Thank you Jon.
Mom is doing great, thank you for everything!
Thank you so much!
Thank you so very much for your help, you have been a lifesaver. I am going to save your information for my friends.