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A move to assisted living, even if all parties are in agreement, can be a stressful time. Here are some of the ways you can support a loved one:

  • Acknowledge your loved one’s feelings of loss. Even in the best of situations—where your loved one willingly chose assisted living—grief and feelings of loss are to be expected. Leaving one’s home is a huge upheaval. Don’t minimize their feelings or focus excessively on the positive. Sympathize and respect feelings of loss and give them time to adjust.
  • Call and visit as often as you can. Regular contact from friends and family will reassure your loved one that they’re still loved and cared for. Continue to include your loved one in family outings and events whenever possible. If your loved one lives far away, regular calls or emails can make a big difference.
  • Work through concerns together. Your loved one will likely go through a period of adjustment after moving into an assisted living facility, If your loved one has concerns, take them seriously. Talk about what steps you can take together to resolve the issue.
  • Help your loved one personalize their living space. Help your loved one choose and bring over the meaningful possessions and decorations that will give the new living space the feeling of home. But be careful not to take over. Let your loved one take the lead. He or she is going to be the one living there, after all.

Suggestions For Friends and Relatives



  • If requested, help with the sorting, packing, and moving.
  • Listen as your loved one talks about what they left behind.
  • Be helpful even if you do not agree with the decision to move.
  • Recognize that moving to a new home represents a major change.
  • Call and visit often during the first few weeks.
  • Be positive. A smile, support, patience, and understanding are required.


  • Make all the decisions or take over the sorting, packing, and moving process.
  • Focus only on yourselves. This is about the resident moving, not you!
  • Criticize the decision to move into assisted living in Arizona.
  • Make light of the transition.
  • Immediately talk about selling the resident’s house.
  • Make promises that you cannot keep.
  • Be negative.

Source: National Center for Assisted Living